More than 40 years as a leader in the market.



Our Clients

Among our clients we can mention:

- Daimler Chrysler.

- Dina.

- Distribuidora de Auto Industrias. (DAISA)

- Ford Motor Co. México.

- Freightliner.

- Gabriel.

- General Motors. (México, Argentina y Brasil)

- Goodyear.

- Motodiesel Mexicana.

- Motores Perkins.

- Nissan Mexicana.

- Raimsa Federal Mogul.

- Sachs Boge.

- Spicer Cardanes.

- TRW.

- Visteon.

- Volkswagen México.

We appreciate the trust and recognition of our customers, striving every day to meet their needs with innovation and commitment.