More than 40 years as a leader in the market.



Our Process

Our production processes are distributed as follows:

Stamping Plant

This plant starts the production process and it is also our store of material for metal-mechanical processes of stamping, welding, degreasing and application of adhesives.

Hules Plant

Here we carry out the development of rubber compounds, mixed and pre-formed, using mills of various capacities and shapes machines, relying on high-tech equipment to perform testing and mechanical rheometry of tension and elongation.

Vulcanizing Plant

This floor also houses our corporate offices, are made of vulcanized processes, painting, product evaluation and shipment.

We have printing presses and injection machines with capacity up to 4 liters, computer-assisted systems Statistical Process Control (SPC), Process Control Manufacturing (CIM) and Computer Control of Cure Time (CURETRAC).

Plant Stamps

This plant designs, manufactures and provides maintenance to the molds, dies and assembly devices needed in the manufacturing plants. Our workshop has modern equipment and computer numerical control (CNC) machining centers and turning machines and wire EDM, as well as conventional equipment such as brushes and grinders.

Our designs are made by experts in the design of computer tools using CAD and CAM systems.