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RC Technology

Our teams are internationally certified

RC Automotive Industries develop our own technology, so we have laboratories equipped with highly advanced systems to evaluate our raw materials and adequate testing to ensure the quality of our products by our production processes with state of the art equipment under controlled conditions and in strict accordance with established procedures, operated by highly qualified personnel.

It is noteworthy that all our equipment in laboratories equipped with calibration certificates against international standards that allow us to guarantee results.

AFME (Analysis and Failure Mode Effect)

It is the basis for our Master Control Plan and allows us to ensure the process parameters through instruction sheets and monitor their performance through control charts.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Our system of electronic communication allows us to network with our customers to meet requests for quotations, orders and receipt of production requirements, evaluation of rejection (PPM) as well as shipping notices (ASN).


We have our own area of Engineering Design to design and build all the tooling, molds and dies systems using computer-aided design (CAD), allowing also receive designs from different design systems for our customers. Our metrology laboratory with coordinate measuring machine to size the parts with a high degree of precision, to support the process control, product development and manufacturing of dies and molds.


Troquelados .- For the manufacture of metal stampings, we have mechanical and hydraulic stamping presses with capacity of 30-400 tons, welding equipment and lathes for cutting pipe and aluminum profiles. Our cutting machines have programmable controls (PLC) integrated directly into our production control system, which allow us to collect statistical information productivity.


For this process with equipment for cleaning, degreasing, shot blasting machines for the application of primer and adhesive.


For the development of rubber compounds are used preformed mills and machines for mixing processes and harness. We have a laboratory for evaluating materials and mixtures such as computer-aided equipment and tensilómetro rheometer for mechanical testing of tension and elongation.


Once our products have been manufactured using printing presses and injection machines, go to the central laboratory which has the following devices:

· Machine testing of elastomers (MTS), which conducts tests on the static deflection, achieving alignment with the housing and motor dynamics, vibration absorption for ensuring passenger comfort, determining the dynamic module, angle of loss and damping coefficient in order to ensure compliance with engineering tests of original equipment manufacturers.

· Machine durability test bench, where preload is applied broadly and preset speed that is repeated over millions of cycles, according to customer's specification, which simulates the operation to the vehicle under severe conditions which guarantees the product life.

· Machine adhesion test to measure the resistance of the rubber-metal adhesion, also according to customer requirements. These requirements that apply to this type of parts designed to control the vibration or impact, our tests are attached to international engineering standards such as SAE, ASTM, ANSI and DIN.

The temperature control in our vulcanized process is monitored by Computerized Control Cure Time (CURETRAC) to ensure that our product meets the properties required by the specification.


For the design and maintenance of our mold and die equipment we have computer numerical control (CNC), consisting of machining centers and turning, and wire EDM machines, as well as conventional equipment.


Our distribution logistics and shipping is based on time deliveries (JIT), so that our logistics management of materials, from receipt of raw materials to shipment of finished product, is controlled by bar code identification . Our boarding is done in returnable containers and we assist of electronic weighing systems to ensure accuracy in the quantity of parts shipped.

Suppliers and Subcontractors

In this website we have a solid information system for feedback to our suppliers about material requirements to meet the requests from our customers, also allowing us know the quantities shipped and the dates they arrived at our feet (ASN) , thus maintaining our chance to react in case of contingency.